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               CERASOLZER ( Specially Formulated Solder)


                     Lead Free & Standard Ceraslozer             Cera Ribbon (Cerasolzer coated copper ribon) CR217-1000m-160-2/30

  New Solders for Glass and Ceramics  (Available list of Solders as of 7/25/2016)

Part Numbers Available Cerasolzer Solders Melting Temperature
155-150-10 #155  150g(Lead Free) 1.0mm Core 155C
182-150-10 #182  150g(Lead Free) 1.0mm Core 182C
186-150-16  #186    150g (Leaded) 1.6mm Core 186C
297-150-16 #297    150g (Leaded) 1.6mm Core 297C
186-1000-10       #186     1kg (Leaded) 1.0mm Core  186C
186-1000-16  #186     1kg (Leaded) 1.6mm Core

#217    1kg(Lead Free)1.0mm Core  

CR217-1000m-160-2/30 #217 1000m(Lead Free)copper center(2mm W x 0.16mm T)Cerasolzer #217 coated thickness 30 microns 3kg wt. 217C

CR217-1000-160-2/30 is prefectlt suited for current collector bus for solar pannel applications. It works with ITO, ZnO & other metal oxide surface. If different dimenssions are needed, please conatct us. Other Cera Ribbon types may be avilable based on the specifications below.

For further technical information, please refer to

* How Cerasolzer works  in PDF file  (3.29MB)

* One page Summary of Cerasolzers Physical Properties in PDF File (189KB)

* For additional Cerasolzer property information, please contact Sanwa Components International .


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