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                                                                                                           PSZ Ceramic Blades 

PSZ Blades


SANWA Components U.S.A., Inc. is pleased to announce the introduction of a new line of partially stabilized zirconia (PSZ) high precision ceramic blades. All of our PSZ ceramics provide superior density and bending strength characteristics, because of their exceptionally pure and highly dense raw ceramic materials. We also offer a specialized HIP type zirconia for use in areas where especially tough materials are required.


Characteristics  &Advantages

1. Low wear characteristics (Blades hold their edge up to 100 times longer than conventional steel).

2. Very low oxidation (rust) characteristics.

3. No electrical static discharge concerns.

4. No metal particle concerns.

5. Due to the non-magnetic properties inherent in ceramic, blades can be used in both magnetic and non-magnetic environments.

6. Extremely sharp cutting edge.

7. Blades can be used in high temperature environments.

8. Highest elasticity strength in the ceramic family.

9. Blades available in various dimensions.


    For blades sizes, please see the PSZ ceramic blade drawings:                                                  


 Medical Scalpel Type Drawing        Cutter Type Drawing


Razor Types Drawing                                  Circular Type Drawing

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